There will come a time when kids are ready to start making money on their own.

Sometimes this happens at age four, and sometimes it happens at age 15.

Regardless, when your child comes to you wanting to know what they can do to earn money, and you’re all out of chores, suggest some business ideas for kids.

When kids start their own business, they learn valuable skills like the power of hard work, money management, marketing, and responsibility.

Here are ten business ideas for kids to get you started.

Business Ideas for Kids

  1. Tutor
    2. Jewelry Designer
    3. Baker
    4. Custom School Supply Designer
    5. Dog Walker
    6. Pet Sitter
    7. YouTuber
    8. Slime Maker
    9. Yard Services
    10. Author

1. Tutor

business ideas for kids - Tutor

If your child is great at a particular subject, he can tutor other children who aren’t doing as well.

Tutoring is generally a good business idea for kids age 12 or older. However, there are exceptions. If you feel your kid is mature enough to help another child learn, any age can work.

One idea is to have an older child tutor younger children. Younger children may respond better to an older child helping them rather than an adult.

2. Jewelry Designer

business ideas for kids - Jewelry designer

If you’ve ever been around tween girls, you know they usually have a penchant for bracelet making.

If your daughter (or son) is into making jewelry, let her have a go at trying to sell it.

Some places to sell handmade jewelry include.”

3. Baker

business ideas for kids - baker

Have you ever purchased baked goods from a kid?

I did over the weekend. 

I saw a younger teenage boy selling cookies, so I went and checked it out. He was selling six giant brownie cookies for $14. I purchased some, and he sold out completely by that afternoon.

If your kid loves to bake, take them somewhere they can sell their creations. People, in general, are likely to support a kid who is making an effort. 

And you never know, a baking business now may lead to a successful bakery later in life.

4. Custom School Supply Designer

Custom School Supply Designer

Interested in raising a future shark?

Daymond John reportedly got his start in entrepreneurship by customizing pencils for girls in his first-grade class.

If you have a crafty child, she can follow in Daymond’s footsteps and customize school supplies. If you have a Cricut machine, the customizations your child can offer are limitless.

5. Dog Walker

Business ideas for kids - Dog Walker

If you live in a neighborhood of dog owners and your kid is old enough to be trusted, a dog walking service is a fun idea.

Your child will have to find dog walking clients who will teach him about marketing and then will have to deliver on the service.

6. Pet Sitter

Pet sitter

Along the same lines, kids can pet-sit if it’s okay with mom and dad. Pet sitting for kids usually entails bringing animals into your home for a specified amount of time – while a neighbor is on vacation, for example.

This does require a bit of sacrifice on your part, but if you’re okay with extra animals in the house, it could be an option.

7. YouTuber


Kids can make money on YouTube. After all, the highest-paid YouTuber is Ryan Kaji – a 9-year-old.

It takes time to build up a subscriber base and get to the point of actually earning money, but it is 100% possible.

And since gaming is the number one niche on YouTube, kids who are into playing games have a fair shot of becoming popular.

The one downside is that kids may face criticism from their peers. This needs to be weighed out and thoroughly discussed before starting a channel.

8. Slime Maker

Slime Maker

It makes parents cringe, and kids smile.

You know what I’m talking about…slime.

If your child is interested in selling to her peers, slime making is still hugely popular. Your child can offer different types of slime such as glow in the dark, glitter, and even take custom orders.

9. Yard Services

Yard Services

If your child likes to be outside, there are plenty of yard services she could provide.

Depending on the age and skill levels of your child, she could offer:

  • Mowing 
  • Leaf removal
  • Snow removal
  • Weeding
  • Planting

Adults are usually happy to pay kids for these types of services.

10. Author


If your child has a way with words and is interested in writing a book, encourage him to do so.

Kids can self-publish books on Amazon. It may start as a slow way to earn money but can become a life-long source of income.

Start Your Kids with a Business Idea Early

Encouraging your child to start their own business can teach them the value of a good work ethic and creativity.

Next time your kid asks how to earn money, suggest one of these business ideas for kids and guide them on getting started.

Looking for more ways to earn money? Check out my list of lucrative side hustle ideas!

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