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Big Brother: All Stars Crowned a Winner–But Fans Are Losing It Over America's Favorite Houseguest

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For some fans, his decision came as a shock. For others, not so much. As someone who’d been in so many alliances (this season’s included The Slick Six, The Committee, The Commission, The Wise Guys, The Other Wise Guys), Cody leveraged his good relationships and chose to send Nicole packing, which made her burst into tears during her live exit interview (we would have too—she was blindsided). Though he broke his final-two promise with Nicole, it’s a game after all—and Nicole posed a bigger threat as a previous BB winner.

After a series of tense live interviews conducted by Julie and the jury, the former houseguests considered Cody and Enzo’s resumes before ultimately crowning Cody as the winner of Big Brother 22 in a unanimous vote. (Enzo took home $50,000 as runner-up).

This makes perfect sense. Cody was often referred to as “the head of the snake,” and he won four HOH competitions and four Veto competitions without being nominated for the block once. Sick game, sir!

Yes, Big Brother fans on social media are ecstatic about this win—especially those who look for a winner with a strong social game, solid strategy and athletic prowess. However, Twitter collectively imploded with joy (check out examples here, here and here) when Julie revealed that America’s Favorite Houseguest, who amassed over 1 million votes from viewers, was none other than the instantly likeable Da’Vonne Rogers, making her the first Black houseguest to take home that title. As she gushed, “Don’t make me ugly cry!”


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