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My friend Dean Covey has just released this epic book on a topic we are all aware of, but refuse to acknowledge or face. Growing up in dysfunctional families and how it affects us is a topic we are unaware of or refuse to admit. Take your pick.

How To Walk Away, Survive A Dysfunctional Family Background And Grow Healthy Relationships

Can you recall those nights when as a 10-year-old child, you were sleeping in a one-bedroom house along with two of your younger siblings? Suddenly, you are rudely woken up by your mother as she screams out in pain. You see your drunken father standing over her hunched body, hitting her repeatedly as she is trying hard to hide her face from his powerful blows.

You stare in horror as you watch this scene repeated unfailingly every night. Each night, the horror becomes worse than before. You can never get used to this scene. You and your five- and four-year-old siblings are in no condition to fight against the physical might of your father. And you wish you were never born! Or you wish you were as strong as your father and could hit him just like how he is beating your mother!

Oh! You hate your family! You ask yourself, ‘What is a family?’ You wonder why God made families!

So, what is a family? Family is the basic unit that nearly all of us grow up in and develop our primary characteristics. Our family leaves a profound impression on all of us. We repeat the things that we have learned from our families regardless of whether the learned elements are right or wrong.

We all like to believe that a family is the most beautiful and magical gift given to us. The internet is filled with information about the importance of having a loving and supportive family to become a mature, responsible adult. We feel secure and protected amid our family members with whom we can share our problems and find solutions.

For many of us, a family is all about love, affection, encouragement, values, morals, faith, hope, and understanding. It consists of people who will encourage and motivate us during our bad times and give us a pat on our backs during good times, driving us to achieve even greater self-actualization than before. Well, the above scenario is what most of us relate to when we think of the word ‘family.’

Unfortunately, this scene is not always true. Families don’t always encourage and support. In fact, some families are so bad that they seem to deliberately prevent their children from having a peaceful, happy life. Such families that don’t function normally bringing pain, abandonment, and grief for their children can be labeled as dysfunctional families.

Therefore, there are functional families and dysfunctional families. If you are part of a dysfunctional family, you might be constantly wishing you belonged to a functional family. So, what makes up a functional family? Read on to find out more about these two kinds of families, and also how it is possible to not just survive in a dysfunctional family but also lead a meaningful and fulfilling life despite its myriad challenges.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. Reading through the post brought up a few memories of my childhood and the questions posed hit the nail on the head.

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