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Jimmy Kimmel attempted to help kids out this year, but apparently their parents needed the laugh more. 

Every year, the late-night host tells parents to trick their children by telling them they ate all of their Halloween candy. And although Jimmy cancelled the hilarious prank this year “because kids have suffered enough,” the parents couldn’t help themselves.

The 10th installment of the Jimmy Kimmel Live segment, which aired Monday, Nov. 2, brought the same mix of tearful, screaming tots, a few “it’s okay mommy” and one meaningful lesson. 

“You still tricked us we don’t like that,” a little girl sobbed to her mom after being informed of the prank. “Yeah cause, Jesus does not lie. Remember you taught us that?” Another child was perfectly fine with his mom finishing his candy, but he drew the line at her eating all the Cheez-Its too. 

In another totally relatable moment, one frustrated little girl completely tipped over her empty candy bucket and put it over her head. And while many parents were able to prank their kids, a few actually caught on to their games.

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