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Two K-pop superstars have officially been given an animated makeover!

During a New York Comic Con panel on Sunday, Oct. 11, the stars and producers behind Disney’s colorful cartoon series Big Hero 6: The Series announced they scored two musically-gifted guest stars for season three: Nichkhun Horvejkul and Jae Park, members of IRL boy bands 2PM and DAY6, respectively

So what roles will they take on? They both play animated boy band members who just so happen to fight crime and battle fantastical villains as a side hustle. Specifically, Nichkhun will play twins Dae and Hyun-Ki, one half of the boy band 4 2 Sing, while Jae Park will play another set of twins, Kwang-Sun and Ye Joon, also 4 2 Sing members.

In an exclusive clip of their Big Hero 6 debut, the K-pop stars’ characters sing as they take on evil robots and, um, also master their choreography at the same time. 

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