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5 Ways To Quicken Your Journey To A Healthy Lifestyle

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There are several measures to take to shorten your journey to a healthy lifestyle. I will touch on just five ways to quicken that journey.

1. Turn your favorite sport or hobby into regular exercise.

When it comes to exercise, it is advisable that you concentrate on doing what you love. Some people love to compete in triathlons, play golf, football, volleyball, basket ball, whatever. If you are into a lot of outdoor sports, that’s the way to go. If you prefer indoors, mix up your gym routine with boxing, spinning, and zumba.

When you exercise, it gives you a natural glow,”

2. Eat right and healthy.

Everyone agrees that eating right is a must. While there are many fad diets, it’s best to have meal plans that will suit your body.

My diet is 6 small meals – I eat every 3 hours, which means I always bring snacks with me wherever I go.

My sister, on the other hand, said she has tried diets like Keto, but that they didn’t work with her lifestyle. She also said that more often than not, fad diets are found to be harmful years after they become trendy.

It is better to eat in moderation, take the calorie intake that your body can actually burn, and if you want to lose weight… lessen the amount of food you intake and do more activity. And if you want to gain weight, just do the opposite. Most importantly, reduce your sugar and carbohydrate intake.

3. Drink lots of water.

I have always emphasized the importance of drinking water for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I drink lots of water to moisturize my skin and keep my kidneys well flushed.

Aside from quenching your thirst and helping your body function properly, water is also the perfect substitute for higher calorie drinks, like soda and juices.

4. Have a positive attitude.

I was discussing with three of my friends and what they have in common is their healthy attitude towards the situations they’ve faced. There is a mind-body connection. You take care of your body and your mind will follow, and vice versa.

It pays to always have a positive attitude towards things we encounter in life.Your thoughts attract most of the outcomes in your life. Remember the “Law of Attraction?

5. Get a lot of rest and take your vitamins.

Nothing is more important than getting enough rest. Rest isn’t just for  recovery from strenuous activities, research has shown that a lack of sleep leads to higher risk of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.Most health professionals and specialists also recommend taking vitamin supplements.

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  1. Hi! Sorry for dropping things on the wrong thread. I just noticed you gave me a like on my newest post. While it makes me happy, I can’t help but to be curious on why you liked my post in the first place. Whether it is because you actually like what I wrote, or you just randomly passed by and drop a like to widen your network. At any rates, please know that I appreciate what you did. Thanks again ?

  2. An excellent summary.

    In the course of decades we (Spouse and I) likewise tried many different things and eventually settled to what many call boring. We eat what we know is right for us (trial and error, boom boom!).
    My own breakfast for over thirty years has been two fried eggs on cheese on toast—it started at the height of the “Eeeek! To even LOOK at an egg will give you a heart attack!” fad. (Perhaps our New Zealand eggs are healthier for folks than those overseas?)

    Our standard evening dinner (I know, you’ll think boooooring!) (it’s not …) almost every night is fried chicken loins and salad.

    Toss in fruit in season (I looove apples)(and bananas) and lots of walking. Were I alone I’d reduce it to a simple ‘eat when hungry’ but Spouse likes to keep us to a reasonable schedule, and it seems to work.

  3. These are some good tips. A lot of people, with the current “go, go, go” lifestyle, seem to have a hard time drinking enough water and getting enough rest. Drinking water is so, so important, but too many people seem to just swing by the store and grab a soda, an energy drink, or some other sugary drink. Too many people, it seems, don’t realize just how important drinking enough water really is. Good post!

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