“SAFFORD — When Canute and Cheryl Christensen moved to Arizona, they brought with them a passion for helping animals.

That passion became Desert Cat Rescue Sanctuary of Arizona in November of 2015.


“We had heard there seemed to be struggles going with our shelter at the time in the area. It was just a void that needed to be filled to help the community,” Cheryl said.

“Our name is Desert Cat, like a cat that lives in the desert. But it does not mean that we help only cats.”

Nor does it mean only domesticated animals. The couple’s first rescue was a large bobcat, a stray from the desert. It was that rescue that gave the operation its name.

Image courtesy of: The U.S. National Archives


“We think people struggle here with getting their animals spayed and neutered. So there is an overpopulation problem,” Canute said.

Currently, the couple is looking for homes for 18 cats and two German shorthair dogs. The couple take in animals from shelters that euthanize animals that are not adopted out in a timely fashion.

The couple recently entered into a partnership to provide pet food to SEACUS, to be delivered to seniors with pets. The pet food deliveries will take place at the same time SEACUS delivers its Meals on Wheels to seniors.


“Our animals are our seniors,” Cheryl said.

The couple is looking for other partnerships — they said they are working with Tractor Supply and Walmart — and welcome any volunteers who want to help care for any animals. Also, donations are welcome to fund the spay and neuter program, to help reduce the local stray animal population.”

More information about Desert Cat Rescue Sanctuary of Arizona can be obtained by e-mailing desertcatrescue@outlook.com.


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