Overcoming Negativity To Become Positive And Happy

As mentioned before, it is your negative thoughts and the practice of ruminating on them that makes you nurture self-defeating thoughts about yourself consequently making you hate who you are. If you want to be happy, you need to address these negative thoughts.

When you think negatively of yourself, you will always find yourself flawed. For instance, you did not get enrolled in a college you desired to study in. If you have a negative mindset, you are likely to blame yourself for this loss. You feel it is your fault you weren’t selected and instead of applying to other colleges, you lose hope and begin criticizing yourself. Self-criticism is a negative habit that shatters your self-esteem and self-confidence.

As opposed to this, if you have a positive mindset, you do not demean yourself in difficult times or otherwise. Instead, you support yourself through every hard situation improve yourself.

As you become better so does your life, which helps you become happy, peaceful, and joyful. Thus, in order to love yourself and your life, it is important to get rid of the negativity looming over you. Then you need to turn it into the cloud full of optimism, hope, and possibilities. Here are a few strategies you can implement to work your way through to developing a positive mindset.

Acknowledge Your Negative Thoughts By Writing Them Down

Just as self-love makes you accept yourself, self-acceptance makes you love yourself, which means the two go hand in hand. In order to have a happy and amazing life, it is important to accept yourself and to do that, you MUST acknowledge the negative thoughts corrupting your mind.

The reason you devalue yourself and constantly criticize yourself is that your mind is polluted with negative thoughts. To rid yourself of those poisonous thoughts, it is imperative to acknowledge them because until you accept you have a problem, you cannot fix it.

To acknowledge your true self and your negative thoughts, all you have to do is to write them down. Writing your thoughts on paper has been proven to be a potent remedy to improve your mood, reduce your stress and rid yourself of the depressing thoughts that haunt you. This is shown by an article published in the ‘Advances in Psychiatric Treatment’ journal.

When you write your thoughts, you accept your flaws and vent out your negative emotions. When the negativity comes out in the open, it no longer stays locked inside you and doesn’t rattle anymore. Once you become aware of what’s bothering you, you find ways to improve those issues. Hence, writing down your thoughts is indeed a great way to eliminate a negative mindset. Here’s how you can practice this technique.

Journal Your Thoughts to Become Positive

First, get a journal and a pen. Next, find a quiet place devoid of distractions. Once you are settled in that quiet area, just think of all the reasons why you hate yourself and your life. For instance, you may not be pleased with your life because your spouse cheated on you and later, divorced you and you blame yourself for this or you may have suffered a great financial loss in your business and you feel you lack the skills required to run a business successfully. Similarly, there could be many other similar reasons why you think you are incompetent and a failure and hate the life you are living.

Think of all those reasons and simply write them down. As you do that, you’ll feel a little better than before. Thus, keep going and pour out your thoughts and feelings on your journal. When you are finished writing your negative thoughts, simply tear off that paper, and discard it.

In addition to acknowledging your negative thoughts, you also need to deal with your inner critic. Your inner critic is the negative and unhealthy faultfinder that develops inside you when you nurture a negative mindset. In order to become positive, you have to dismiss this inner critic, which can easily be done if you develop a habit of writing your negative thoughts daily.

By writing them down, you acknowledge them and by tossing them away, you stop giving them importance, which the inner critic hates. Thus, when you don’t pay attention to what your inner faultfinder says, gradually it silences and stops bothering you. Hence, write down your thoughts and feelings daily and ensure to tear off those pages and throw them in the trash can to quieten your inner critic for good.

Feed Your Mind With Positive Suggestions

In addition to silencing your inner faultfinder to dismiss your negative mindset, you must constantly feed positive suggestions to yourself to become truly and completely positive so you can love and accept yourself.

When you say positive things to yourself, you feel good about yourself and as you feel good, you find it easier to accept your flaws too. For instance, you know you experienced a huge financial loss and you feel you are to blame for that. If you just tell yourself, “It is alright. Such things happen in business but I am committed to improving my condition because I have full confidence in myself”, you instantly feel motivated and encouraged to make a difference in your life. This helps you analyze the situation and figure out your mistakes so you can overcome them.

Therefore, feeding positive suggestions and thoughts into your mind is a perfect way to accept and love yourself as well as become truly optimistic and strong. Here are two great ways to do that.


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