Three Qualities That Make a Side Hustle Profitable

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How passion, persistence, and discipline work together to achieve success.

People today are talking about side businesses, otherwise known as side hustles, everywhere we turn. Everybody desires one. Most people are eager to start a new revenue stream since they are struggling to make ends meet. The potential for side businesses is larger than it has ever been, and things will only become better, thanks to the power of the Internet and the lessons we learned from the epidemic (chiefly, that business can happen from just about anywhere).

Making ends meet is what most of us have been doing for a very long time, and “side hustle” is merely the trendy new term for it. It’s everything we do to earn more money or save money. Crafting, teaching, and delivering are examples of active side hustles, while renting a property, investing in stocks or businesses are passive.

Three Qualities That Make a Side Hustle Profitable.
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There is nothing wrong with having a business on the side as a means of support. A side business is frequently something you do because you already enjoy it! You might start out as a hobby or, like my friend, because you suddenly have the chance, and keep going because you’re having fun. At first, it might not even cross your mind that you could get paid for doing something you would be pleased to do for free.

A friend of mine began a side business over ten years ago, which developed into a successful multimillion-dollar business. It can’t be guaranteed that every side business will go on to become a household name. Still, a side hustle might be your path to increased monetary security and even a fortune if you strike the right blend of passion, persistence, and discipline.


Let’s discuss the three qualities my friend used to get there and how you might look within yourself to discover the same strength.

She had a passion that was itching for an outlet when she launched her business at her kitchen table. Since she was a young child, she had admired and studied the self-assurance of splendor. She wanted to provide women who, like herself, didn’t have “diamond-level” wealth but still desired to seem wealthy with reasonably priced, high-quality jewelry. The “why” of her brand has always been and will always be women’s self-assurance. She was so excited about this idea that she just had to figure out how to make it happen.

There came a moment when she started making money from her side job. No one would have thought less of her if she had stopped pushing ahead at that moment. She faced at least four enormous challenges, each of which was both physically present and capable of putting a complete stop to her progress: She was a recent immigrant with limited funds, a limited budget, no connections or experience in the fashion jewelry industry, as well as being pregnant with issues that required bed rest.

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When she thinks back on those setbacks, she wonders how she stayed focused. Yet she possessed a hidden weapon. Even to her, it might have been a secret. In her mind, giving up wasn’t an option. She was determined to carry out this plan, no matter what. She never gave herself permission to get comfortable. Her kitchen table was a no-procrastination, no-defeat zone.

When we have compelling reasons to give up, genuine passion keeps us going. The intersection of a side business and true money-making potential is passion. Her passion said, “No, this involves more than just a source of income. This may get worse. She could carry it.” She never stopped studying, trying new things, asking for more chances, and looking for new ways to develop.


Passion leads the way, but persistence prevents passion from losing heart as you move your side business to the next level (or levels!). Because “No” is said so frequently, persistence is required. No, you frequently cannot have financial backing, confidence, encouragement, support, or escape from setbacks.

Persistence intervenes and declares, “Get your bootstraps up. We’re going to ring one more doorbell.” Because how will you know when someone is prepared to say “Yes!” and let you in if you don’t keep knocking?

Bring persistence to the dinner table. In order to discover the proper door, keep in mind that you might have to hear “no” 99 times for every amazing “yes.”


The constant scrutiny required by persistence is necessary to determine whether we are being devoted or repeatedly repeating the same error. Discipline becomes important at this point. You occasionally need to take a critical look at your process to determine whether a change is required. Regulations discipline:

“We’re going to learn from our errors, avoid distractions, eat healthfully, and get enough sleep.”

“We will finish the work we have today, so we may begin again tomorrow.”

Discipline keeps you focused and makes sure your foundation is strong.

Moving from the realm of a side hustle to a successful business requires passion, persistence, and discipline. They do not conflict with each other. Each characteristic works in concert with the other two in a balancing act that can need some trial and error but yields incredible benefits when done correctly.

Making sure that each trait works its magic in the blend is the trick. Your fire is fueled by passion, kept alive by persistence, and protected from burns by discipline.


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